Cosmetic dentistry Tribeca

Cosmetic Dentistry Tribeca

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Cosmetic smile makeovers in Tribeca

Cosmetic dentistry Tribeca
Cosmetic dentistry Tribeca

Do you like the way all of your teeth look? Because if there are ways that you would like to see them improved, we at Metropolitan Dental Associates PC can make it happen with our cosmetic smile makeovers.

It can seem overwhelming if you have multiple teeth that are not aesthetically pleasing; especially if you have more than one problem that needs to be addressed. It’s actually very simple, though. Our cosmetic dentistry Tribeca is committed to transforming your smile into one that you’re sure to proud of. It call begins with a consultation. Come in and talk about your goals. Get your questions answered. An examination is also an essential part of the process. So when you are determined to be a good candidate, and you have decided that you’re ready to move forward, our cosmetic dentistry Tribeca will take advanced digital photos to identify those teeth that will be part of the makeover. Efficiency is demonstrated by only including the teeth that show when you smile. You can even see what the final result will look like. The next step is a set of impressions that is referred to as a diagnostic wax-up. It serves as a model from which our cosmetic dentistry Tribeca creates your temporary smile, which is a reshaped version of your teeth. The dental lab then makes your permanent new smile using the temporary one as a guide. You’ll come back to our office to have it fitted. And when you’re sure that you are happy with how it looks an how it feels, the final bonding takes place.

You don’t have to settle for an imperfect smile when you can have a great-looking one from our cosmetic dentistry Tribeca. While you’re thinking about it, reach out to us and set up an appointment to come and get the process started.

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