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Dental Decay/Cavities in Tribeca

When you have a toothache, it is often the result of dental decay. Erosion of your tooth structure leads to holes forming, or what are called dental cavities. The nerve inside your tooth becomes exposed, and that’s where the pain comes from. Given time, this can result in a tooth infection, root canal therapy, and possibly even the loss of a tooth. Let us at Metropolitan Dental Associates PC help you to avoid the effects of dental decay.

Let’s get right down to what causes this decay, which is dental plaque, the filmy bacteria whose acids are at fault. Fueled by sugar in your diet, dental plaque is the enemy of your tooth enamel. The goal of our Tribeca dentist is to make sure that you have as little of it as possible, and that what’s there is removed regularly. Limit your sugar intake, including starches, which act the same in terms of being catalysts for the growth of dental plaque. There will always be some, of course, so brush your teeth frequently to give it minimal surface contact with your teeth. The best schedule is first thing in the morning, after meals, and then again before you go to sleep, at which time you should also floss between your teeth to loosen up sticky plaque and dislodge any food remnants. Every six months, come in to see our Tribeca dentist. A complete oral examination will reveal the signs of any cavities so that they can be filled before having a chance to grow large enough to cause major problems. You will also have a teeth cleaning so that built up tartar, the hardened form of dental plaque, can be properly eliminated. Doing so makes for less chance that you will get cavities moving forward.

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